Pool Repair Service in Santa Barbara, CA

Pool Repair Service in Santa Barbara, CA

Get a lasting repair solution from our specialist

When your pool equipment is on the fritz, hire Everclear Pool Service for quality repairs. Our expert uses two decades of industry experience to eliminate your pool issues with ease. We insist on using the highest quality equipment and parts to provide you with years of enjoyment. Trust our specialist to help you create and maintain your sparkling oasis.

Count on Everclear Pool Service for:

  • Heater repair and maintenance
  • Chlorinator repair
  • Pump repair
  • Automated system upgrades
  • Yearly filter cleanings, upgrades, repairs

We'll come to your residential or commercial property and inspect your pool before walking you through our solution, so you know exactly what to expect. Our founder is a perfectionist who is committed to giving you superior repair services.

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Extend the life of your pool and it's equitpment with routine maintenance

Pumps and Motors

We can fully trouble-shoot your pump or motor for problems. Also, with the cost of electricity these days, ask us about new energy efficient pumps that can save on your electric bill. In some areas the electric utility company may offer a rebate for an upgrade to an energy efficient pump. You can contact your local electric utility company for more details.


Your pool filter is probably the most crucial component when it comes to keeping your pool crystal clear. There are several types of filters out there and not every filter is a perfect match for your pool. Let us recommend the best possible solution for your pool to ensure that Everclear sparkling pool water.

Timers and Control Systems

There are a large number of timing and automation control systems available to you. Whether it's time to upgrade a failing analog system to digital or heating your pool remotely, we're here to listen to your needs. Perhaps you would be interested in automating your spa to warm up for you at the touch of the button. Give us a call; we can recommend the right solution to fit your needs.


There is nothing quite like an afternoon in a nice bubbly Jacuzzi. Trying to find the right size heater to heat your pool or spa efficiently can be real tricky. Let us give you a hand in finding the right solution. Possibly it's time for a heater repair or an all new heater. Perhaps you haven't used your heater in a while. We can come out and perform a heater clean-out for you to remove any debris or soot. Whatever the case may be, we can certainly lend a hand.

Automatic Chlorination Systems

Are you having trouble keeping the chemicals just right in your pool or spa? Let an automatic chlorination system take care of it for you. There are several different types and models of chlorination systems and salt chlorination systems. We can come and take a look at your pool or spa to recommend the best possible solution to make things easier on you.