What Makes Everclear Pool Service Different?

What Makes Everclear Pool Service Different?

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We offer personal assistance that can be counted on all year round. Boasting decades of experience, superior services and exceptional attention to detail, the specialist at Everclear Pool Service is the pool expert to call for repair and maintenance services. We take pride in having customers who have been with us since the very beginning.

Our residential and commercial pool specialist is your complete option for all things related to pool repair and maintenance. Call 805-708-1171 to schedule an appointment for:

  • Pool equipment installation and replacement
  • Pool equipment repair
  • Chemical testing/balancing
  • Saltwater chlorination systems
  • Spa cover solutions
  • Heating solutions
  • Filter cleaning and maintenance
  • Suction side pool cleaners
  • Algae clean up

The pool professional at Everclear Pool Service will take the time to meticulously clean your pool.
If you want to enjoy your residential or commercial pool without the headache of cleaning and maintenance, trust our specialist with the job.

Since opening in 1997, we’ve been committed to making sure every Santa Barbara home and business owner always has a pristine pool. We know the importance of regularly scheduled pool service and will make sure your equipment is always working properly as well. At the first sign of possible breakdown we use proactive maintenance to stay one step ahead of the breakdown.

Tell our pool professional about your cleaning or maintenance job now by calling 805-708-1171.