2011 M&M Tournament Bracket


HR Derby Results

Round 1 / Fireworks Round
Jake – Winner – 11 Home Runs (new record)
Tomas – 6 Home Runs
Julian – 4 Home Runs
Jose R. – 3 Home Runs
Baker – 1 Home Run
Ken – 1 Home Run
Round 2 / Skills Round
Julian – 1 Home Run
Tomas – 1 Home Run
Jake – (winner due to round 1 totals)


2011 M&M Tournament Video

M&M II Home Run Derby Champ – 2011 King of Swing, Jake Valdez

Congratulations to Jake Valdez on setting a new record for one round with 11 home runs.



2011 Memorial Day Matchup Champions

The Neighborhood Bar


2011-Logo-on-Winnig-Drifit 2011-MM-II-Logov2 Jersey-for-The-Neighborhood-Bar Trophy-for-The-Neighborhood-Bar

Everclear Pools Memorial Day Matchup II – 5/30/2011 Benefiting the American Red Cross

Hi everyone!

Hope you all have had a great spring so far.

Memorial day marks the beginning of the hot summer season. BBQ grills and swimming pools are put to full use and family vacations are put into motion. For many Americans it’s a day of reflection and gratitude for the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have bravely sacrificed their lives over the past century to help protect our way of life and freedoms we enjoy everyday.

Memorial Day 2010 marked the beginning of a tradition for Everclear Pool Service. Having enjoyed a decade of steady growth and prosperity we decided it’s time to start thanking the community that has made it all possible. A softball tournament was held showcasing talented local mens slow pitch teams. Tasty tri tip was served and a home run derby to top it off at the end. A tradition was born, one that continues to grow year by year with 2011 marking the first event to benefit The Red Cross, Santa Barbara County Chapter.

This year’s Memorial Day tournament is going to be a great fundraiser event to benefit the American Red Cross local SB chapter here in town, with 100% of all fees paid and money raised going directly to the local chapter. This year's fundraiser tournament has eight teams facing off to crown one champion through double elimination. It’s Everclear Pools way of taking one day out of the year to thank the community that has given so much support the past ten years. On this holiday we all pause and thank our service men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to make possible the liberties and freedoms we all enjoy every day, and have a great time doing it!

Pot Luck Style: All tri tip, tortillas, choice of chips, sodas, waters, and vitamin waters will be supplied by Everclear Pools in the form of a meal deal ticket provided to each participating player. The Red Cross is handling all marinating and cooking of the tri tip. Where I could really use some help is in the side dishes. If you have a spectacular side dish; chili, beans, a great salad, you name it; please feel free to contact me so we can make that side dish happen. All side dishes are going to be included in the five dollar tri tip meal deals as long as they last. So please make large amounts. We will make note of what containers and/or forms of keeping food hot that you bring in order to make sure they are returned to you.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Ken Shrode

Everclear Pools 2010 M & M I HR Derby

2010 M&M Tournament Bracket



The first annual Memorial Day Matchup Tournament consisted of five teams competing in a single elimination tourney. Team Super Bloopers with manager Matt Nilsson rose to the challenge to take the championship! Photography, videography and short movie presented by “Jerry Weaver Photography”

The first annual Memorial Day Home Run Derby was one close contest. Nine contestants squared off in the first round where they had fifteen outs to produce home runs. The top four longball hitters all landed within a single home run of eachother. Andy knocked eight home runs out of the park for fourth place. Jesse launched nine home runs but finished with eight homers after Andy managed to pull one back from over the fence. Rolando and Ken tied in the opening round both having drilled nine shots out forcing a sudden death ten out final round. Ken put up four homers in the tie breaking round but Rolando hit his fifth home run with five outs left to spare to take a decisive victory and be crowned 2010′s King of Swing and home run derby champ!